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Construction workers discussing plans with architect

Power Up Your Texas Construction Site

Whether you’re building a single-family home or a skyscraper, every construction site needs temporary electrical service to get the job done. There are numerous things on your to-do list and you’re under a strict deadline. Understanding the steps for setting up temporary power will help […]


Man signing business document, subscription form or insurance pa

Customizing Delivers Great Electricity Contracts

Whether they work directly with a reputable retail electricity provider or through a well-vetted broker or aggregator, government entities and businesses can get tremendous value by securing custom electricity contracts. “Every business, city and other electricity consumer is different,” said Gabe Castro, vice president of […]

Old Vintage American Football

Going Long Is a Great Electricity Play

Fall means football for most Texans, and there’s nothing better than the excitement of watching your team go long to win the game. This fall, going long in your retail electricity contract’s the best play you can make for your business. Historically low prices are […]