4-C-P Spells Easy Electricity Savings

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In a world filled with acronyms, here’s one that could yield significant cost savings for your large office building or industrial business: 4CP.

Transmission and Distribution Utilities across Texas determine some year-round charges for commercial customers that use at least 700 kilowatts of electricity each year based on the amount of electricity each business uses during four coincident peak periods. Those 15-minute periods generally are scheduled from June to September.

Knowing when a TDU is measuring those peaks gives a business the opportunity to lower its consumption and save money for months to come.

“An affected business that lowers its 4CP average by 1 Megawatt can save as much as $50,000 a year,” said Scott Harrison, an energy consumption specialist. “The lower a business can drive its 4CP average, the more it can save.”

TXU Energy’s commercial customers can opt-in to a free notification program to get a heads up before and during the peak periods. Signing up in early June will give you the best opportunity to lower your consumption on all four coincident peaks. A business must have an Interval Data Recording electricity meter to participate.

“Transmission and Distribution charges can represent a significant percentage of a company’s total electricity costs,” Scott said. “Lowering consumption during 4CP measuring periods is one way to reduce that spending.”

To register for the notification program, contact your business executive or email business@txu.com.