5 Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

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Everybody loves a home cooked meal; it warms the soul and fills the air with delicious flavors and spices. However, many of us are unaware of the energy dollars that are being wasted to make these tasty meals. The kitchen is home to many appliances that, when used efficiently, will help you save energy. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when cooking.

  • The longer you spend cooking the more energy you’re using. Plan ahead and defrost frozen foods in the refrigerator the morning before you intend to cook.
  • Keep your pre-heat time to a minimum. Refrain from peeking into the oven as much as possible. Every time you open the oven to take a peek, it loses heat and needs more energy to return to the selected temperature.
  • Use your microwave as often as possible. The microwave uses the least energy of any appliance in the kitchen. A convection oven cuts energy use by 20 percent compared to a conventional oven. A toaster oven cuts energy use by 50 percent. But the biggest saver is the microwave – cutting energy use by over 66 percent compared to the other appliances and that translates into big energy savings.
  • To get the most out of your stove-top cookware, use pots and pans with high conductivity to transfer heat more efficiently. Copper anodized aluminum cookware will heat up faster as well as distribute the heat more effectively than regular pans. This will shorten your cooking time and help lower your energy bill.
  • Similarly, glass and ceramic pans heat more effectively in the oven than metal pans. When using glass and ceramic pans you can even turn the oven down 25 degrees and cook your food just as quickly.
  • Search for no-cook recipes. From main courses to desserts, there’s a variety to choose from and because your food isn’t cooked, you may be reaping the benefits of a healthier diet since many vitamins can be destroyed in the cooking process.

Saving energy in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to stop cooking. Knowing these tips will help you prepare great meals and use less energy. What are some energy saving tips you use in the kitchen? Share your answers in the comments.