Adopt Energy Saving Habits That Comfort Indoor Pets Through the Dog Days of Summer

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The dog days of summer are here, and anyone with pets at home will tell you that keeping them cool and comfortable during the extreme heat of Texas summers can be challenging. In addition to the extra care required to protect outdoor pets, indoor pets require special attention too, since cutting cooling costs in the summer can mean leaving your home a little warmer when they’re home without you.

To support Texas electricity customers and the four-legged friends they have at home, TXU Energy and the SPCA of Texas are working together to build awareness for indoor temperatures and energy habits that conserve electricity without stressing pets who stay indoors on hot summer days and nights.

According to the SPCA of Texas, heat safety is crucial to your two-legged family members as well as your four-legged ones during the dog days of summer. TXU Energy and the SPCA of Texas urge pet owners to be cautious of high outdoor temperatures and know when to bring pets inside to prevent heat related injuries, which could be deadly.

Whether your pets are inside temporarily, sometimes or all the time, you can conserve electricity to save money on your bills and still keep them safe and comfortable. But there are do’s and don’ts. Our latest infographic sheds some light on the dog days of summer and a few things we learned after consulting the SPCA of Texas on how saving energy at home can affect indoor pets in the summer.

To download the full size infographic, click here.