App Review: Light Bulb Finder

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Ever find yourself standing in the aisle at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s, completely lost among a sea of light bulbs? Well, pull out your smartphone because Wisconsin-based Eco Hatchery has designed a ‘GPS’ to help save consumers like us. It’s called Light Bulb Finder and it’s free in your app store.

Next time you’re looking for a 60-watt, candle-based, dimmable bulb to light that torchiere in your media room for eight hours a day, your new Light Bulb Finder will help you identify the brand to buy.

But wait! There’s more! It’ll also tell you approximately how much the bulb will cost, how much it’ll save you over the course of its lifetime, how much carbon dioxide you’re taking out of the environment AND the bulb’s payback time.

Download the Light Bulb Finder from your iPhone®/Android app store or watch a video demo on YouTube.

Have you tried this app yet? What did you think about it?