Automated Systems Help Businesses Build Bigger Savings

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Facility management professionals know all about Building Management Systems, but the concept might be new for mid-sized companies across industries, like a doctor’s practice or a new restaurant opening their first locations.

What is it?

Automation systems range from simple room occupancy sensors that control lighting to complex computer networks that monitor and control elevators, HVAC systems and more.

How does it help my business?

Building owners and energy mangers can program the systems to meet the specific needs of a business, change operational settings and perform other functions from securely connected computers that are onsite or remote.

The systems also allow building owners to participate in demand response programs in which they could be paid to lower electric demand and/or consumption.

Prove it.

TXU Energy’s headquarters in Irving has a system in which lighting, heating, cooling and other electronic equipment reduce electricity demand/consumption when the Electric Reliability Council of Texas calls for conservation.

“This kind of automation allows for an immediate response,” said Scott Harrison, a commercial efficiency specialist for TXU Energy. “If each system was manually controlled or controlled by separate systems, it would take time for us to lower our consumption and there could be times when the right people weren’t in place for TXU Energy to do its part for the grid.”

Scott is among the longtime TXU Energy efficiency experts who help commercial customers identify and put in place the best programs and equipment for their needs.

What does my electricity provider have to do with it?

For some large business customers, TXU Energy helps pay for qualified energy efficiency projects through its TXU GreenBack program.


Yep. And TXU Energy pays commercial customers who participate in TXU Reduction Rewards, the company’s free demand response program.

What if I’m not a TXU Energy customer?

ERCOT also has demand response programs, although they are more complex and have more stringent participation requirements.

Where can I learn more?

Contact your TXU Energy sales executive for more information about TXU Reduction Rewards and TXU GreenBack and ask them about Building Management Systems. Also, check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s Design Decision Support Guides.