Blackberry’s new patent for wireless charging

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Cell phone holsters are nothing new — in fact they’ve been around almost as long as cell phones themselves. As phones have decreased in size over time, many folks just carry them in their pocket or their purse. But would a new product that allowed you to charge your phone while it was in your holster make you more interested in buying one?

Blackberry developer, RIM, recently submitted a patent for a product that would allow you to do just that. While we won’t know exactly how the charger will work until it gets closer to hitting the market, it appears it would be powered from an additional battery that could be charged at home. So you’d essentially be transferring power from one battery to another.

Under this model, you’d still have to charge both devices, but it could allow your phone to last longer if you were spending a long time away from a wall outlet. So if you’re on the go often, or need an extra charge on a camping or backpacking trip, this type of device could come in handy.

If you don’t currently use a holster to carry your phone, would you be more likely to purchase one if you could use it as a charging device? Would extra battery life when you’re on the go be worth the effort of charging another device when you’re home? Let us know what you think.