Bright Ideas: Lighting For Productivity

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For our residential customers, energy efficiency in the home is an important topic.  It’s no surprise that our small business customers are just as concerned about efficiency because it directly relates to controlling costs in your business. But have you thought about how it relates to productivity as well?One of the most effective ways to increase energy savings in the workplace is to ensure that you have the best office lighting solutions in place for your business. To put it another way, you, your employees and your customers are more satisfied when there’s an optimal level of light. By reducing inefficient or unnecessary lighting, you benefit both from the money saved and from the resulting productivity boost.

Benefits of the Right Lighting: Productivity and Savings.

Overall, the best office lighting solutions should support efficient and accurate task performance. People need different amounts of light, depending on factors like age and the type of task they’re doing. Mood and motivation also affects productivity and performance — and lighting can actually make a huge difference. To help translate these ideas to actionable advice in your business, TXU Energy offers these lighting tips.

Halogen vs. Fluorescent: Choosing the Best Office Lighting.

Many older office buildings rely on fluorescent fixtures to provide ample lighting. These often emit a harsh glare, and may provide much more light than necessary. Try bulbs that simulate natural daylight or provide a softer glow for indirect lighting. You can also consider dimmer switches that allow employees to adjust for their own preferences.

For detailed tasks, halogen lighting provides greater accuracy because it renders color with increased clarity. Direct lighting is important for desk workers, since it can focus on specific areas where work is performed.

When considering halogen vs. fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lighting is another efficient option. You can find bulbs that simulate daylight, as well as those that work with three-way lamps and even dimmer switches. On top of the energy efficiency, you’ll spend less time changing bulbs because these more modern fluorescent bulbs last longer.

Optimizing the lighting for your business is a simple way to conserve energy while making work a little easier on the eyes. In addition, TXU Energy provides many customizable plan options to help ensure energy efficiency for your business. Call or email us for more details.

Tell us about what you’ve done to impact workplace productivity and your bottom line with your lighting choices.