Your Business Has Moved! Now What?

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Business is booming and you’re expanding to a new facility (or multiple locations!).

Now what?

Moving into a new building can be an exciting time for small business owners and their teams, but knowing what to expect – from inspections to code compliance – can make or break your new occupancy experience.

Here are a couple of checklists every small business owner in Texas should refer to when moving spaces.

Moving into an Existing Building

  • Understand whether your business needs single or three-phase power and be sure the new space has the right system and proper voltage.
  • Be sure contractors get permits before starting work to make the new space right for your business.
  • If power is on from the previous owner or landlord, remember they can turn it off at any time.
  • Determine whether you’re required to have motion detectors for lights and energy conservation.
  • Determine whether you need temporary power for building renovations.
  • Make sure you know the rules and timeline for a city inspection.
  • Don’t forget to get a Certificate of Occupancy – you’ll need that to get permanent power service.
  • If you’re leasing, know and understand electricity terms so you know costs and can get the right plan.

New Construction

  • Determine whether there’s a meter on the property. If not, figure out who is paying for a temporary meter.
  • Make sure you complete all of the required forms from your local Transmission and Distribution Utility.
  • Know when it’s time for a city inspection and be sure to get Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Factor in time for a permanent meter to be installed.

The Texas State Law Library offers a list of codes on its website and recommends that anyone interested in learning more should contact their local and county officials.

Municipal and county governments may have their own codes governing commercial buildings, so it’s vital to consult with city and county officials to ensure you comply with all local codes.

TXU Energy goes beyond providing retail electricity plans. It can help business owners schedule temporary and permanent meter installations and get the answers business owners need from the local TDU.

On June 29, TXU Energy Business Sales Manager Jay Burkink will lead a webinar titled Energy & Your New Business to help business owners know what to expect and who to contact as they take the next steps in establishing their new businesses. Jay has tremendous experience in the deregulated electricity market and more than 20 years in banking, finance, and capital markets.

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