Can Your Thermostat Predict The Weather?

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Years ago, who could have dreamed that you’d be able to control the temperature of your home using your phone or program your thermostat to maintain different temperatures when you’re home versus when you’re away? But it’s true – thermostats are no longer just a dial you turn to adjust the temperature in your home.

The ability of programmable thermostats to connect to the Internet has opened a whole new world of possibility. One of the latest innovations makes it possible for your thermostat to optimize heating and cooling efficiency based not only on the current weather but on weather systems that are moving your way.

The e5 Demand Response program by Earth Networks (the people behind Weather Bug) is set to launch in Texas this summer. The thermostat uses 8,000 weather stations to send super-accurate information for your neighborhood to your thermostat. This data allows your thermostat to begin heating or cooling your home before extreme temperatures head your way, which the makers of the product say will increase both efficiency and comfort.

Using weather data, the system can also evaluate how efficient your home is in dealing with different types of weather, such as extreme sun, wind and cold. Knowing this type of data can help guide you as you make efficiency improvements to your home.

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