Catch the Buzz on Energy-Saving Smartphone Apps

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In the United States, 91.4 million people have smartphones out of a total population of more than 318 million people. Imagine the energy-saving potential if every smartphone user installed (and used) a few energy-saving apps!

Sure, your smartphone is great for playing games or keeping up with your social media accounts, but with the right apps it can also help you conserve energy in your home – which protects our environment and can save you some money on electricity bills. Here are some energy-saving smartphone apps that are worth checking out:

TXU Energy Mobile App – This free app allows residential customers to manage their online TXU Energy MyAccounts from their AndroidTM smartphones, Apple iPhones®, iPads®, or iPod touch® devices. Use the app to view and pay bills, manage settings and access energy tools that help manage usage. If your home is equipped with a Brighten® iThermostat, an energy savings solution from TXU Energy, the app has a module that allows you to access the thermostat from your mobile device. The app is available for download on iTunes or on Google Play.

Leafully – The 2012 winner of the Apps for Energy Challenge, Leafully puts your energy use into perspective. The app translates your total energy footprint into tree units, showing you how many trees are needed to offset the pollution created by your energy use. The goal is to help you understand how your energy usage makes a bigger impact. Sound like a neat tool? You can download on iTunes.

Lightbulb Finder – Have you ever bought a CFL or LED bulb thinking it would save you money, only to discover when you got home that it didn’t fit in your light fixture? This app can help you drill down on the type of bulb you want to replace and let you know what the best energy-efficient alternative is for your specific need. You’ll get detailed recommendations and information on how much energy (and money) you’ll save by switching out your current bulb. This app is available for both iPhone® and AndroidTMdownload Lightbulb Finder for free.