A City-Wide Pizza Party

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Earth Day is always a special day around here. But, this year we were able to celebrate with people all over Houston. Along with Papa John’s in Houston, we gave away a tree seedling with each delivery order on Earth Day. In total, we gave away over 12,000 seedlings! That’s 12,000 more trees in Houston for future generations to enjoy.

We partnered with Texas Trees Foundation and Trees for Houston to provide the Loblolly Pine tree seedlings to Papa John’s customers. Customers who ordered from any Papa John’s Houston received a seedling with instructions on how to plant it. Additionally, a percentage of all sales on Earth Day were donated to Trees for Houston to continue beautifying the city throughout the year.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, Loblolly Pines are some of the fastest growing southern pines, growing more than 24” per year. Loblolly Pines also provide shelter and food for many animals including Carolina chickadees and wild turkeys.

We had so much fun working with Papa John’s, Texas Trees Foundation and Trees for Houston celebrating Earth Day in Houston and are grateful to all the Papa John’s customers who celebrated with us by ordering pizza and planting a tree.

Be sure to post pictures of your tree as it grows using the hashtag #trees4pizza.