Conserving Energy and Lowering Costs at Your Business is Easier Than You Might Think

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One of the best things about being in and around the energy industry for 30 years is the opportunity I’ve had to build lifelong professional relationships with fellow engineers and business-focused sales executives, as well as with business leaders all around Texas. It’s especially gratifying to meet with someone I’ve been able to help manage energy consumption and lower spending.

The good news for Texas businesses owners is that TXU Energy is filled with experts who can help them use less energy without giving up comfort, safety or productivity. There’s also good news in the fact that the options for cutting a business’ energy spending range from no-cost habits and process changes to valuable investments for which there are rebate dollars available. There are even ways of turning an energy contract into a revenue stream.

I recently had the chance to talk about some of those options in a TXU Energy Business InsightsSM video.  In the video, the first key to reducing energy use and spending is commitment – which doesn’t cost anything but can drive savings that allows a business to invest more in its employees, community and products.

With a commitment to using less, businesses can focus on simple things, such as using existing lighting and thermostat controls to avoid unnecessary usage in unoccupied areas. They can also work with our experts to review the most valuable investments in such things as lighting and HVAC controls and procurement strategies that meet energy consumption goals. With good planning and research, we have been able to help companies lower energy consumption and get significant rebates for efficiency investments through our Brighten® GreenBack program, an energy savings solution from TXU Energy as well as from local Transmission and Distribution Utilities.

I hope your business will use a few of our well-tested energy savings strategies and that you will consider reaching out to let us work with you to lower your spending.