Consumer Electronics Show: CES 2014 Showcases Energy-Saving Coolness

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Sometimes, you just want to talk about something cool – and there was no shortage of coolness at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show. Held in Las Vegas, the annual event showcased a plethora of revolutionary electronics, including some nifty items tied into how we use electricity in our daily lives – including energy-saving devices, and what’s in store for the future.

Here are some of our favorites:

A better way to jump a car

Let’s face it, jumper cables are a necessary evil for your road safety kit, but there’s nothing convenient about them. Enter the JumPack from Cobra Electronics, a fab little device about the size of a smartphone or tablet charger that packs enough power to jump start your car’s battery a few times before you’ll need to recharge it. Way more convenient – and cooler – than those big, cumbersome cables currently taking up space in your trunk!

Tunes, light and energy savings? Rad!

By now, you know LEDs use less electricity and last years longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. If you needed one more reason to make the switch, how about the AwoX StriimLIGHT™? It combines the energy-saving power of an LED with an integrated Bluetooth speaker. It fits into any standard electrical lamp, so you can turn virtually any light fixture into a music player!

Well that beats a visit to the gas station

Alternative energy cars drew major attention at CES 2014. One of the most interesting: Ford’s C-Max Solar Energi Concept Car. The hybrid replaces a standard electric/gas hybrid engine with one that relies on solar power to generate the electricity.

There’s an app for that

A handful of connected home systems – using apps and digital devices to communicate with systems that control home heating, lighting and security – showed up at CES 2014. Then there was this spiffy energy-saving app from MyOpenRoad. The company calls it a “social energy conservation app” and says it encourages users to employ alternative transportation methods by providing specials and discounts from merchants. The app can tell when you’re driving a car, or doing something more eco-friendly like riding a bike, walking or carpooling.

What’s the coolest product you’ve seen come out of CES 2014? Let us know in the comments below.