Customizing Delivers Great Electricity Contracts

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Whether they work directly with a reputable retail electricity provider or through a well-vetted broker or aggregator, government entities and businesses can get tremendous value by securing custom electricity contracts.

“Every business, city and other electricity consumer is different,” said Gabe Castro, vice president of business for TXU Energy. “Custom contracts ensure that each consumer gets the most value and benefit from its electricity provider.”

We know that city and business leaders find working with us easy. At the same time, we know some executives and elected or appointed officials prefer working through a broker or an aggregator, which can lend added peace of mind and additional expertise. In those cases, it’s important to research potential partners to understand how they charge for their services and ensure that there are still opportunities for custom deals that meet a business’ or government entity’s unique needs and interests.

For example, TXU Energy can deliver a level of renewable energy that matches a business’ or government entity’s unique electricity consumption pattern. That provides a competitively priced energy mix, as well as the positive impact of investing in renewable electricity. We can also provide rebate funds for energy efficiency projects and expert advice on the best conservation investments.

Those unique energy mixes and rebates through the TXU Greenback program are big parts of the benefits that come with custom contracting.

Whether a government entity or a business negotiates its electricity services directly, through a broker or as part of an aggregation group, being an informed buyer and securing tailored options ensures the best value.

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