Eco-Friendly Solar Power Plant in El Paso, Texas

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As Texas leads the nation in solar power generation potential, it’s no surprise that another Texas city is capitalizing on our state’s plentiful sunshine.

El Paso, Texas has recently installed a new solar power plant capable of producing a maximum output of 53 kW of power.  SolFocus and Solar Smart Living unveiled their concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) installation late last month at El Paso Electric’s substation. This pilot is set to demonstrate the low-cost, power-generating potential of CPV installations in the region.

Why It’s Different

El Paso’s CPV technology uses a host of mirrors to concentrate sunlight 650 times strong onto highly efficient solar cells to produce electricity. These solar cells convert sunlight into electricity at an estimated 40% efficiency rating compared to traditional silicon solar cells at under 20% efficiency.

Efficient, Eco-Friendly Solar Technology

The combination of concentrated sunlight and high-efficiency conversion means these solar plants can use 1/1000th of the amount of solar cell material found in typical solar panels. With less material required to create the solar panel, it not only uses less energy to produce but it also needs less land space than typical solar power plants. SolFocus’ solar panels are also made of 97% glass and aluminum which means they can be recycled.

Do you live in the region? What are your thoughts about the new solar plant?


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