Five Ways Your Bathroom Can Save You Money

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We may not spend as much time in the bathroom as we do other parts of the house, but as it turns out, bathroom vanity lighting is among the largest electricity users in our homes, according to the ENERGY STAR®. With the right approach, however, it can be an easy place to cut back on your household expenses. Here are a few easy ways to reduce electricity usage and be more energy efficient.

Change your light fixtures. You may have fixtures that aren’t as efficient as some of the newer ones on the market, especially if you live in an older home. According to ENERGY STAR®, changing the five most-used light fixtures in your house – or replacing their bulbs – with Energy Star-rated equivalents can save almost $70 per year.

Replace your vent fan. Even though it may only run for minutes a day, over the life of your vent fan, you spend 60% more than you would if you installed an ENERGY STAR®-rated fan. If you don’t already, it’s important to keep your fan running during your shower and for 15 minutes after to make sure moisture in the air doesn’t become mildew in your walls.

Get an efficient showerhead. Newer low-flow showerheads use as little as 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You can save on your water bills when you use less water per shower, but you can also save on the electricity or gas used to heat the water. Draining the water heater too quickly means the tank constantly needs to be refilled with fresh (cold) water. That requires more energy to heat the new water.

Caulk around your windows. Drafty windows are a huge drain on your wallet because they force you to use more heat or air conditioning to make up for what’s lost in the gaps. New caulking products are available in rope form instead of tubes, making sealing leaks a much easier and cleaner task. If you’re willing to make the investment, you may also consider swapping out your screens with storm windows to add another layer of insulation from the outside climate.

Turn off lights. Without question, this is the easiest way to save money in your bathroom. Make sure you turn the lights off when you aren’t using them. If you have children who need help finding the light switch in a dark bathroom, plug in a sensored night light.

How do you save money in your bathroom?