Going Electric with Chevy Volt in Mueller, Texas

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Here in a state that’s long been  known for its oil production, there exists a neighborhood where many residents rely on cars that don’t need any gas at all. In Mueller, a community in Austin, Texas, Chevy Volts don’t pass for novelties — the new electric vehicle could practically be considered the city’s official car.

 According to G.M. officials quoted in a recent New York Times article, the village of Mueller is where you can find the largest concentration of Chevy Volts in the world, with nearly one in 10 households owning one. This might seem odd, but when you learn a little more about Mueller, it’s no surprise why so many are choosing to go electric with their rides.

Mueller is a new village that was developed on what used to be an airport situated in the middle of Austin. When the airport closed, it was decided that Mueller would become a test community of sorts for sustainable ideas.

All the Chevy Volts in Mueller will be used in a study that will help other communities establish best practices for charging stations and other electric car accommodations. This is possible because Mueller operates on a smart grid electrical system that allows researchers to gather information about how people are using electricity. Owners of electric vehicles received a $3,000-$7,500 rebate on their Volt purchases and an additional $7,500 federal tax credit in hopes of increasing local participation in the study.

If you lived in Mueller and were able to get a significant discount on an electric car, would it make you more likely to buy one? Leave your answer in the comments.