Great Energy-Efficient Holiday Gift Ideas

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As the holidays roll around the corner, I find myself struggling to come up with gift ideas for my in-laws who have just about everything. After much searching online, I decided to check into our BrightenSM Online Energy Store for some energy-efficient ideas and ended up finding some nice things that I wouldn’t mind getting myself!

Of course everyone knows that we’ve got LED holiday lights and CFLs galore, but here are some other energy efficient gift ideas in store:

For the pampered:

Ecorain Shower HeadEcoRain™ shower head
The perception is that rain showerheads always use more water than standard showerheads. For that special someone who loves belting out a 45-minute mini-opera before leaving the shower, this may be a great gift idea for them. The EcoRain™ showerhead not only creates a wider spray than standard showerheads for an acoustically-enhanced shower, but it’s also water-efficient. More >


Cozy Toasty Toes FootrestCozy Toasty Toes Footrest
Always cold but don’t like getting chapped skin from the direct heat from a space heater? The Cozy Toasty Toes Footrest uses only 6% of the energy a conventional space heater uses and helps support your legs when seated. More >



For the bookworm:

Paperback Book LightLightWedge® Paperback Book Light
Book lights often shed light on the top of the page with blinding brightness but don’t provide enough light when you get to the bottom. With the LightWedge® Paperback Book Light, you’ll get an even illumination across the entire page. Plus you won’t be disturbing those around you. More >



For the techie:

Belkin Conserve ValetBelkin Conserve Valet™
Don’t like the look of unsightly wires attached to your portable electronics? Hide them with a sleek charging valet. The Belkin Conserve Valet™ also automatically shuts off electricity drain when it’s done charging so there’s less energy wasted. More >



Current Cost Envi MonitorCurrent Cost Envi Monitor
If you have kids and are trying to get them into the habit of being more energy efficient, this is a nifty gift to help them understand the impact they’re making when they turn off the lights. The Current Cost Envi Monitor plugs into your wall socket, and a wireless display shows you how much energy is being consumed by your house as well as individual appliances in ‘real time’. More >


Electricity MonitorP3 Kill A Watt™ PS Electricity Monitor
I have some expensive electronic equipment in my media room and office, and the P3 Kill A Watt™ PS Electricity Monitor is a trusty product. It comes in handy not only for protecting against power surges but also tells you exactly how much energy your equipment is using (or on the flip side, how much you’d be saving when you turn off the power bar.) More >


For the outdoorsy:

Solarlink by EtonAmerican Red Cross FR360 Solarlink by Etón
I’m very much a city girl, and my iPhone is permanently appended to my body. I love listening to music and the radio on the go, but the”short” battery life is always a drain. In comes the solar powered radio, perfect for camping trips (as well as black Friday lineups, crossing guard patrol, at the beach – and many other music-enhanced activities!) Oh, and did I mention? It also comes with a flashlight and handy USB socket for your iPhone USB charger. More >


Freeplay Kito LanternFreeplay Kito™ Lantern
The hand-crank LED flashlight isn’t a new invention but this one’s special because the 60-second hand-workout session actually generates enough power to last an hour. Plus it’s super durable. More >



Mini Handy FlashlightSLI Mini Handy Flashlight
This aluminum-housed flashlight is super slick looking, and the 3.5” length makes it ideal to toss in a backpack or glove compartment. It’s also supposed to last for 100,000 hours of use, but who’s counting? Makes for a great stocking stuffer. More >



For the student:

Ribbon Desk Lamps212products Ribbon Desk Lamps
This modern-looking, dimmable desk lamp is a great gift idea for the student in your life. It’s easy on the eyes because you can adjust the color temperature from a bright white for reading, to warmer colors for ambient lighting. The lamp is also environmentally friendly – it’s 85% recyclable, and the CCFL light bulb can be replaced. More >


For the home designer:

Gama Sonic Solar LightGama Sonic Solar Light  
Want outdoor landscape solar lights that don’t have a giant panel hanging off the base like a satellite? These globe-shaped lights are a nice accent around pools or between shrubs in the garden. They charge in the daytime and can run for up to 10 hours before automatically shutting off when the sun comes up again. More >



LEDeco Lantern

Heath/Zenith LEDeco Lantern
Unlike many outdoor motion-sensor lights that have a harsh, bright white light when it comes on, this lantern provides a consistent, soft warm glow and brightens up to full power only when it detects movement up to 30 ft nearby, lowering your energy costs. You can also set the timer to turn on the light for 3 hours, 6 hours or until dawn – whatever fits your schedule. More >