Half Of Energy Costs Go To HVAC

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Ever look at your bill and wonder how you used so much energy?

According to ENERGY STAR®, the average home in the U.S. spends as much as half of their energy costs on heating and cooling. That figure may even be underestimated when averaged across the nation since Texas’ hot summers can really have our air conditioners working overtime.

Here at TXU Energy, we provide consumers with a lot of tips on how to set your ceiling fan to rotate in the correct direction in the summer or winter, how to seal air leaks around your windows, and how to use our programmable thermostat to save on energy – but do you really know the importance of these simple fixes around your home?

For instance, did you know that by properly setting up your programmable thermostat, you can save about $180 a year in energy costs? Eliminating air leakage from your ducts can improve your system’s efficiency by 20% and replacing old heating and cooling systems with ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment can help you save about another $200 a year.

These numbers can really help you prioritize your DIY projects as you find ways to save around the house.

See this guide to energy-efficient heating and cooling by ENERGY STAR® or browse through our energy saving projects on txu.com now.