Heat Meter helps lower your heating bill

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Many of you are familiar with the tools TXU Energy provides customers to help you monitor your electricity consumption and control your home’s temperature – both in the hot and cool months. However if you’re on oil, propane or natural gas heating, what tools are available to you?

We decided to look at options for those not using electricity for their heating and see just what’s available to help you track your energy usage. That’s when we came across the Heat Meter – a portable device magnetically connected to your home’s furnace or boiler, to help you track energy consumption in real-time on your smartphone or computer.

The Heat Meter works by detecting when the flame in your heating system is on or off by measuring the vibrations on the outside of the heating unit. This information is analyzed and shared through a cloud platform to your computer or smartphone with details on the energy use for a day and week. Oil-based heating systems track usage in gallons, while natural gas systems are delivered in BTUs. Tracking this information gives you the ability to lower energy consumption by reducing the temperature and seeing immediate results and, in turn, save on heating costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

You can install a Heat Meter in your home without the help of a professional. Simply place the Heat Meter on the outside of your heating system like you would a magnet on your refrigerator, plug into an outlet and input basic information about your home, including the square footage, zip code and the heating system model. The Heat Meter also tracks tank levels for propane and oil systems and alerts you when fuel is running low through an email or text message.

By using this in conjunction with other tools like the Brighten® iThermostat, you can proactively keep track and manage your energy consumption, helping you save money every month.