Homebuilder creates energy efficient neighborhood

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Saving money on your home energy bill is a large personal victory. Helping a community save money on their energy bills by building and outfitting energy efficient homes is a massive victory for an entire neighborhood. Diane Ragsdale of the Innercity Community Development Corporation (ICDC) takes these enormous projects head-on and has seen first-hand how they can transform a community.

ICDC is a nonprofit homebuilder and economic development organization based in Dallas with a mission of creating stable, safe and vibrant neighborhoods to facilitate economic development. They’re headquartered in an area known for abandoned and dilapidated housing. ICDC has built more than 232 homes in the local area over the past 25 years. Most recently, they completed construction of 40 eye-catching and energy efficient homes through a partnership with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. These homes were given the 2012 EPA Clean Air Excellence Award for superior energy efficiency.

Like the ICDC, TXU Energy is committed to helping people use less energy and save more money – whether it’s the individual homeowner, the homebuilder, or an entire community. We provide solutions that help you understand the electricity use of your business and identify potential areas for improvement. In fact, you can find energy solutions for all facets of your home and business.