How Can Solar Work for You?

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These days, when the costs keep adding up, who wouldn’t want to find a long-term solution to helping lower electricity costs? You’ve probably heard of solar leasing, but maybe it’s always seemed irrelevant to your home or lifestyle. We’re here to tell you that it’s worth a second look— you might be missing out on some great savings!

In partnership with SolarCity, TXU Energy has developed the TXU Energy Solar Program. Through this program, not only can you generate your own source of electricity, but you can benefit from other financial offers for solar homes as well. We’ve listed four important pieces of information to know below, so keep reading to find out if solar panels will work in your home.

  1. The TXU Energy Solar Program is available for homes in the DFW metroplex, served by Oncor. The home must be a free-standing, single-family home and have sufficient south-facing roof space in good condition. You also need a broadband Internet connection, which facilitates the solar panel monitoring system.
  2. Purchase or rent a system from our partner, SolarCity. With a SolarLease, SolarCity will design your system, install it, and provide all necessary maintenance and installation services over the life of the lease. If you choose to, you may also buy the solar panels. SolarCity will still design and install your system and will notify you when there’s issue with the system’s performance through their monitoring system, SolarGuard®.
  3. Benefits of participating in the TXU Energy Solar Program include attractive buy-back rates. We’ll buy back surplus power produced via the solar system in your home.
  4. Find out how the system works. Many people’s skepticism about solar energy panels results from a lack of understanding of how the system works, and a main concern is usually around the weather. Although the amount of energy generated during cloudy weather does decrease, energy is still being produced. While no energy is produced at night, you can still use your electricity the same as in the daytime. Your home will simply pull both from the energy stored by your solar panels as well as from the electricity grid and there will be no interruption in power. SolarCity tracks your system performance through the SolarGuard® monitoring service and has a performance guarantee that your system will produce as much electricity as they quote your home for, or they will pay you back.

Interested in learning more? Check out the FAQs on our website to answer any more questions that you might have or request a consultation with a SolarCity specialist.

Tell us what you think about solar leasing. Are you considering it for your home?


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