Increasing the EV Infrastructure

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More and more Texans are considering trading-in their gas-guzzler for one of many new electric vehicles (EV) on the market today. The greatest challenge for current and potential EV owners is finding the infrastructure available to recharge and maintain their vehicle. Without the proper charging stations and opportunities, EV’s will be subject to shorter distances and operation times limiting the buy-in from Texans and EV development companies.

Much like the infrastructure needed to get homes and businesses high-speed Internet and cable, developing a network of charging stations to make Texas an EV-friendly state will take time, effort and investment. Infrastructure can be costly, but the rewards of clean air and cheaper travel will pay off for all current and future Texans.

TXU Energy is continuing their commitment to making the future a reality by placing EV charging stations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Most recently, the TXU Energy EV Accelerator ProgramSM placed two charging stations at Dallas City Hall allowing locals to charge their EVs free of charge for an entire year. See the TXU Energy press release or visit

Ease of recharging is essential to increasing the use and production of EV’s.  Have you considered trading your vehicle in for an EV? What’s holding you back?