It’s Time for Our Holiday Light Switch!

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Last year, we launched our TXU Energy Holiday Light Switch program in an effort to help save you money on holiday decorating costs, and save energy, which benefits the environment. The program was such a hit, we’ve decided to offer it again this year, and give away even more holiday lights!

Throughout the holiday season, TXU Energy goes across the state promoting our Holidays Cents and Holiday Light Switch programs. At these events, you can bring us a strand of your old incandescent lights, and we’ll switch those for a brand new strand of energy-efficient LED lights. Plus, we’ll recycle all the traditional, incandescent lights we received through the Holiday Light Switch campaign.

In a traditional incandescent strand of holiday lights, every C9 bulb uses 6 watts whereas an entire strand of 50 LED lights uses only 4 watts. That means an entire strand of LED lights is more energy efficient than a single bulb in a traditional strand of lights! That’s pretty impressive!

When compared to other forms of lighting, there are many benefits to using LEDs. Some advantages of LEDs:

  • More light generated per watt used
  • Light up very quickly
  • Radiate very little heat
  • Last up to 100,000 hours
  • More energy efficient
  • Durable and difficult to damage
  • Low toxicity and don’t contain mercury

So come to one of our Holiday Light Switch events and have your old holiday lights replaced.  You can find upcoming light switch events and learn more tips and tricks to keep your energy bill low this season on our Facebook page.