Last Chance To Win A Chevy Volt

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In case you missed our earlier post about how you can enter to win a brand new 2012 Chevy Volt, here’s a quick recap.

Why you should avoid variable rate electricity plans

The terms and conditions for a variable rate electricity plan gives providers offering variable rates the opportunity to change your electricity rate by any amount at their sole discretion – whenever they like, and as often as they’d like. Your electricity rate could start off being really low when you sign up and then your rate could increase without you knowing it. Unlike TXU Energy, these providers can make your rate increase happen at any time that suits them – and not tell you about it before it happens.

What we’re doing about it

At TXU Energy, we’re on a mission to educate Texans about the dangers of signing up for short term benefits with variable rate electricity plans. Because the concept of a rate plan may be difficult for some to understand, we’re using analogies to drive the point home.

Tell us your story for a chance to win

Whether it’s ordering things online and having the prices bumped up on the last checkout screen or having your gas prices increase while you’re pumping gas, we all have a good story to tell. What’s your example of a WILD RIDE story? Tell us on before the end of this month for a chance to win a 2012 Chevy Volt!