Light Reading: Ideas to Reduce Lighting Costs and Boost Productivity

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If you’re thinking of how to improve productivity and efficiency in your office, lighting has most likely crossed your mind more than once. If so, you’ll be glad to know about a Rocky Mountains Institute (RMI) presentation that points out how natural office lighting boosts productivity.

Elevate your efficiency.

In one RMI example, a Walmart store in Lawrence, Kansas used skylights to harvest daylight on half of the building’s roof. Walmart reported significantly higher sales in departments with access to natural light over those situated within the conventionally lit areas. The Lawrence store experienced higher sales than identical departments of other Walmart stores without skylight access as well. Moreover, Walmart employees expressed a preference for working in departments that received natural lighting from the skylights.

Let there be daylight.

In another RMI case study, the Lockheed Building in Sunnyvale, California used a number of natural office lighting strategies. Not only did their efforts enhance visual comfort, they reduced Lockheed’s lighting cost by 75%. Since daylight generates less heat than artificial light, they’ve also saved on cooling costs. According to the project architect, Lockheed saw a 15% productivity increase for the first major project carried out in the new facility compared to their old building.

These results are very encouraging. Walmart has seen a positive natural lighting effect on sales, and Lockheed has experienced significant savings and productivity increases with its natural office lighting efforts. It just goes to show what a little daylight can do.

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