NEC Lights May Become the Life of Your Party

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Wouldn’t it be cool if your lights adjusted automatically to whatever tunes you were listening to? Thanks to Japanese technology company NEC, that idea has become a reality. NEC Lighting has developed a light that uses Bluetooth® to communicate with AndroidTM phones. The LED ceiling light will adjust its brightness and color temperature to match the type of music you’re listening to and will play the music and sound through the fixture itself. If you aren’t listening to music, however, you can still make adjustments to the light from an app on your smartphone.

As if those features weren’t enough, the app also has capabilities to synchronize your lighting with in-app sounds like a rainforest or crashing waves. That means that if you want to listen to the sounds of a waterfall while relaxing in your living room, you can hear it through your lighting fixture, which will automatically adjust to deliver relaxing mood lighting. Because most ceiling lighting fixtures are placed in the middle of a room, the speakers within are able to project to fill the space, making it perfect for entertaining as well.

The product isn’t available for the general public yet, but according to an article on, NEC Lighting is targeting its release by the end of the year. The company is also hoping to have multiple designs available for the physical light fixture, which will allow it to appeal to customers with different lighting needs.

Do you think this light is the fixture of the future or just another gadget?