New Usage Tools for Small Businesses

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If you’ve logged in to your TXU Energy Business MyAccount recently, you’ll notice a few changes.  You now have 24/7 access to graphs and charts that help you understand how your business is using electricity. Now you can make smarter decisions about your energy consumption and lower your bills. Here’s a look at the new features.

Usage Graph: See how your electricity usage is impacted by the outdoor temperatures in Texas. This graph gives you a rolling 12 month view so you can see trends by month.  If you have a smart meter, you can see the trends on a daily or weekly basis and pinpoint exactly what time of day you use the most electricity.

Current Use: Find out what your usage is for the current billing cycle so you can estimate your bill for the month.

Invoice Comparison: Compare charges, kWh, outdoor temperature and more for any two invoices in the past 2 years. See how your invoice changed from month to month or even compare it to last year.

In addition to these new features, you can quickly make a payment on one or all of your business accounts. This tool is free and available to all small business customers. If you’re a customer and don’t already have a TXU Energy MyAccount, it’s easy to get started.

Already using your TXU Energy Business MyAccount? Tell us how you’ve made these tools work for you.