No More Plugs. No More Cords. Wireless Charging.

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Can you imagine a world in which you could bring your laptop to the coffee shop and not have to worry about fighting for one of a few outlets? Or when forgetting to plug in your phone overnight wouldn’t result in a low battery in the morning? Or when carrying three different types of car chargers and cords for your gadgets would be a silly memory of yesteryear?

If a recent patent filed by Sony ever makes its way from concept to reality, a future without cords is a distinct possibility. Wireless power transfer is not a new concept, but for now, nobody’s been able to figure out a way to make it work efficiently.

According to an article about Sony’s product on tech Web site, “Its method uses location-finding to steer users until they’re close enough for the wireless power source to reliably do its job.” The article also noted that wireless devices could potentially be used to transfer energy to one another, making for a wireless power network of sorts.

What do you think? Would wireless power for the masses be a life-changing luxury or do cords do the job just fine?