Odor Eliminating Light Bulbs

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We have a golden retriever at home and we use a lot of room deodorizers and scented candles to keep our home smelling fresh.  In addition to the cost of having to replace the deodorizers every month,  I spend countless hours in the room deodorizer aisle at the grocery store, desperately sniffing through shelves of “cookie dough” and variations of “peachy pumpkin” in search of a non-intrusive, air neutralizer.  If you’re like me and don’t enjoy strong scents that leave your bedroom smelling like someone had a birthday party in it, you may be in luck.

Fresh2 has a line of odor-eliminating, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs that not only help you save on electricity but also clean the air.

How does this work?  Odor-eliminating CFLs are coated with a thin layer of chemicals including titanium dioxide – an ingredient that you might recognize from your sunscreen label or your can of white paint. When the fluorescent light from the bulb hits the titanium dioxide, the coating creates positive and negative electrical charges that break down water molecules found in the membrane of bacteria, viruses and molds (a process called “oxidization”). As these germs come into contact with the titanium dioxide coating, they are continuously broken down at the molecular level. * At the end of it, all that’s left are safe, odorless carbon dioxide and water molecules, leaving your room scent-free.

In addition to helping you clean the air, these bulbs – like any other CFL bulbs – can save you up to $77/year in electricity and last longer than regular incandescent bulbs.** So while the price point for these germ-zapping, odor-eliminating bulbs is a little higher than most CFL bulbs, the net benefit of energy savings, longer life span and deodorizing powers may leave you coming out ahead.

Have you tried this product? Let us know if it worked for you.

In Summary: Odor Eliminating Light Bulbs
(Pros) Cleans air, bright, saves electricity, lasts for approximately 3 years
(Cons) Priced around $20-25/pair, multiple bulbs in larger rooms, requires an uncovered socket with airflow around the bulb

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