Power workouts for your mobile devices

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Can’t hit your stride without some tunes to provide the motivation? Do you bring your smartphone on your run to track your workout progress? If you consider one of these devices your constant workout companion, did you know you might never have to worry about charging them up before you leave the house again?

A 24-year-old Kenyan inventor is working on getting a product to market that would allow you to charge your mobile device through your shoes. Anthony Mutua’s creation allows walkers and runners to convert the pressure they put on the soles of their shoes with each step into electricity. Your phone or iPod® would then be charged by simply plugging your device into your shoes.

Paul Simon may have sung about the girl with diamonds on the soles of her shoes, but in this case, your soles would contain crystals housed in a microchip that would store the energy you generate. If you didn’t want to hook your device to a wire during your run, the chip would store the energy so you could charge up after your workout.

Would such a device be useful on your workouts? Do you often find yourself out and about and running on a low battery? Let us know what you think.