Prepare for Winter Storms With These Safety Tips

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Winter storms can wreak havoc on homes and neighborhoods. Are you prepared for an unexpected winter weather event? Here are some tips from to help you be prepared if a storm comes.

  1. Add the following supplies to your emergency kit.
    1. Rock salt to melt ice.
    2. Sand to improve traction on your tires.
    3. Snow removal equipment.
    4. Space heaters in case you become stuck in your house.
    5. Warm clothing and blankets.
  2. Make a family communications plan. You might not be with your entire family when a storm hits, so it’s important to know how you plan to contact one another and how you plan to reunite.
  3. Download FEMA’s mobile app to your phone and get tips, alerts from the National Weather Service, locations of shelters and Disaster Recovery Centers, and upload GPS photos of the disaster.
  4. Bring pets inside during winter weather. Place other animals and livestock in weather proof areas and be sure they have access to non-frozen drinking water.

Winterize Your Home

  1. Insulate wall and attics, weather strip doors and windows, and install storm windows or cover existing windows with plastic.
  2. Maintain heating equipment by having it inspected regularly.
  3. Insulate pipes and allow faucets to slightly drip to prevent freezing.
  4. Ensure the stability of your home by hiring a contractor to check the structural ability of your roof to maintain heavy weight from the buildup of snow or water.