Product of the Month: The PolarPillow®

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It’s hard to stay cool during the summer, especially at night. You can crank up the A/C which can get expensive (unless you have TXU Energy Free Nights!) or plug in a fan which can be noisy, but our product of the month might be a solution to the problem. It’s called the PolarPillow®, and it’ll help you get a peaceful night’s sleep during even the hottest months.

The PolarPillow® is a revolutionary new way to cool down at night. The pillow, filled with micro air-filled beads and a specialized cooling gel, becomes cool on contact and stays that way for up to 2 hours before it begins to gradually warm up. It requires no refrigeration, batteries, electricity, water or chemicals. The pillow re-cools all on its own after being exposed to room temperature air and then it’s ready for another night’s sleep.

Not only would the PolarPillow® help cool you off during our hot Texas summers, but it also helps anyone suffering from head or neck aches, night sweats, hot flashes or fevers. So, to check the PolarPillow® out for yourself, go to

This pillow is just one of many ways that you can keep cool during the summer. For more “cool” products, go to our online energy store at Or, check out our TXU Energy Free Nights plan which gives you free Energy Charges all night, every night.

It can be costly to cool down your house when the mercury rises, but with products like these, your summer can remain cool and inexpensive! What products do you use to chill out—and reduce electricity use—during the summer?