Recharge your Smartphone, Take Refreshing Break on a Soofa Solar-powered Park Bench

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We Americans love our mobile devices, and we really enjoy a good sit-down, too. What could be better than a gadget that plays to both of these loves? How about one that’s also good for the environment?

The Soofa is an ingenious park bench that uses solar power to let up to two bench-sitters charge a mobile device. Just park yourself on the bench and plug in. Imagine never again having to choose between taking lunch outdoors or staying in the office to charge your smartphone! Sit on a Soofa, and you can enjoy Mother Nature and your favorite technology at the same time.

While you’re charging your phone and sharing a smile with passersby, you can also tap into the Soofa’s technology to check how often others have used your Soofa, what’s going on around the bench’s location and how many hours of solar power the bench has provided.

In addition to being a smart, useful addition to a city’s landscape, the benches could help raise awareness of renewable energy sources. It’s one thing to read about wind turbines or solar farms, but sitting on a solar-powered bench and using it to charge your phone demonstrates the value of renewable energy.

Changing Environments makes the benches, which are now in use in several parks throughout Boston. The company and device are fairly new, so the Soofas haven’t yet spread far and wide, but we’re rooting for them. We’re hoping the benches become ubiquitous in cities across the country. Maybe someday soon, you’ll be able to find one in your community, turning our Texas sunshine into electricity to power our mobile devices.