Save the Date for Our Annual Tree Planting!

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We’re changing the way we impact the environment, the community and you – from the ground up!

We take our commitment to you and the communities we serve seriously, and one significant way we demonstrate this is by providing trees to neighborhood associations, schools, nonprofit organizations and municipalities – all to improve the quality of life today and make a sustainable difference for tomorrow.

Trees not only add cleaner air and water to the environment – they also add health benefits that extend beyond their own lifespan. In fact, just one acre of trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people every day. Over an average 50-year lifespan, a single tree generates $31,250 worth of oxygen, provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycles $37,500 worth of water and saves $31,250 worth in soil erosion control. 1

We plant trees not only to beautify the community, but also because the environmental and other benefits they provide can save the community money. The benefits apply to individuals as well since trees providing shade can reduce your home’s electric bills and increase your property value.

Through our Committed to Community Growth program, TXU Energy works with long-time community partner, Texas Trees Foundation, to create healthy communities through tree planting. Together we grow and maintain the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm and Education Center, the largest nonprofit urban tree farm in the nation.

“TXU Energy is our longest and strongest corporate partner,” says Janette Monear, Executive Director of the Texas Trees Foundation. “Together we’re growing communities by investing in our environment to make a lasting impact for generations to come. TXU Energy has been an outstanding leader in environmental stewardship, and we value their partnership.”

Choosing quality trees and finding sustainable locations for these trees increases the return on the investment we make in the future of our children, our community and you.

Since 2002, volunteers from TXU Energy and other community organizations have donated and planted more than 170,000 trees across Texas. Every spring, hundreds of volunteers, employees (including our CEO Jim Burke) and community groups make time to plant thousands of seedlings at the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm in Dallas. At our annual tree planting event last spring, more than 500 people showed up at the tree farm and planted over 2,000 trees.

By planting a tree, we’re putting down the roots that help communities become more sustainable. We’re leaving a legacy for future generations while creating healthy and beautiful communities that make a difference today. In fact, TXU Energy is a proud sponsor of Tree North Texas. With plans to plant three million trees in North Texas during the next 10 years, this regional urban forestry initiative is set to become the largest tree planting initiative in the nation.

Trees are vital to the building of healthy communities, and we have made an ongoing commitment to positively impact public areas needing improvement and beautification across the state. As we gear up for our annual tree planting event again later this month, we ask our fans to do the same in their communities. Together, we can make Texas a greener place to live.



1 USDA Forest Service Pamphlet #R1-92-100