Sharyland Opens for Competitive Power: What Choice Means for Businesses

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The May 1 opening of the Sharyland Utilities service territory to retail competition will mark the first time customers served by Sharyland will gain electricity choice, which is a benefit that most Texans have had for years. Sharyland’s transition to competition was approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, which found that the transition would be in the public interest.

Action Required

Over the next 10 weeks, Sharyland will encourage its customers to choose a retail electric provider (REP). If they don’t make their own choice by April 13, customers will be placed in a pool and randomly assigned to a REP so that bills and services won’t be interrupted.

Many retail electric providers have been actively advertising in the Sharyland service area and reaching out through the media recently. Soon those REPs will begin calling on the phone and going door-to-door attempting to enroll customers.

More Information

Throughout February, Sharyland is hosting a number of public meetings and forums in order to inform its customers about their new ability to choose a retail supplier and what to expect.

The ability to choose your own electricity provider is a great opportunity to find a product that best suits your needs. It’s important your decision is informed and considered before you choose a REP. More Texans trust TXU Energy to provide their electricity than any other REP in the state. Call us today at 1-855-898-9208 to obtain a business quote and to choose TXU Energy as your new retail electricity provider or visit to learn more.


What Sharyland didn't tell you is that their distribution cost will still be there. so yeah look for that great price, they are going to nearly match it in cost and your bill is double what you thought you were getting. thats part to do with the salesman as well even though they dodged my questions on the delivery charges. but when I pay 232 dollars for power...then another 230 dollars for just using that power I feel like that is stealing and a con.  467 dollars total but I only used half that in power? what are they doing with all that other money? obviously not updating the lines as the november of last year has shown. then they had the gaul to double charge us. Sharyland utilities is not being upfront. the very fact they charge 7 cents a KWH for me using it as well as Reliant charging me to buy power from them for 7 cents a KWH seems like stealing from me. and It doesnt matter who I choose because that damnable distribution charge. 

I am very unhappy with my current Utility company, not my power company... Sharyland Utilities is not playing fair and I am sorry to be on their lines.