Simple ways to boost your office’s energy efficiency this spring

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Spring isn’t just a great time to clean up your office environment. It’s also an opportunity to improve energy efficiency throughout your business, whether you work solo in a home office or you have a large staff in a freestanding building. Here are some ways to save energy and lower electricity bills this spring and summer:

  • Put office lights on a timer or motion sensor so lights turn off when no one is in the room. In the mornings and on milder days, open the blinds throughout the space to make the most of spring and summer’s abundant natural light. Turn off artificial lights and savor the sunlight!
  • Have your office’s HVAC system professionally serviced to ensure all the air-conditioning components are in peak working condition. Be sure to keep air filters clean throughout the year, as dirty or clogged filters can reduce a system’s efficiency.
  • Check weather stripping around office doors and windows to ensure cooled air won’t escape the building – which could make your HVAC system work harder and use more energy.
  • Upgrade any incandescent bulbs in your office to more energy-efficient options like LED or CFLs. Don’t forget the Exit Signs, too. Upgrading to an ENERGY STAR® rated LED Exit Sign could reduce your electric costs as much as $25 a year!
  • Institute an office-wide policy of powering down electronics and electric appliances at the end of the day, including computers, copiers and even the office coffee pot. If unplugging isn’t practical, put everything on power strips and turn off the strips at the close of business each day.
  • Keep an eye on your business electricity account and usage by logging in to your MyAccount to access tools like the TXU PowerReport and the TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM. You can also sign up for Energy Management Alerts to receive a text or email when you hit a usage or budget limit you set.

With a few steps, you can improve your office’s energy efficiency, lower electricity costs and give yourself more time to devote to building your business.