Smart Operating Tactics can Help Cut TDU Charges for Businesses

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Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) kW charges are based on the highest 15-minute kW demand on the meter serving your facility. You can reduce these charges through many tactics.

A few low-cost or no-cost actions include:

  1. Stagger the startup of equipment that consumes a lot of electricity.
  2. Stagger the operation times of high-consumption equipment.
  3. Conduct preventative maintenance on major equipment, HVAC and lighting.

Another tactic is to conduct energy efficiency projects that change out equipment and reduce your demand. Most of the projects could qualify for TDU Standard Offer Program energy efficiency rebates. These projects could also qualify for Brighten® Greenback rebate dollars provided by TXU Energy.

TXU Energy is the only retail electric provider (REP) in Texas that offers an energy efficiency rebate program. Please contact your TXU Energy Business Executive to learn more.