The City of McKinney Plugs In

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The City of McKinney is taking big steps forward to becoming a more sustainable community. Recently, the city received a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments that allowed them to add electric vehicles (EV) to their city vehic

le fleet. After receiving that grant, the City of McKinney turned to TXU Energy to form a partnership that would help power the city’s EVs.

“For the City of McKinney specifically, we sat down and talked about our relationship that we were forming. We asked ‘How can we be helpful?’ and they had an interest in EVs. So we’re funding the four charging stations as a part of our partnership,” explains Jim Burke, TXU Energy chief executive officer.

With more and more cities providing EV charging stations at public locations, as well as companies providing the stations on their own premises, it’s becoming easier to own and operate an electric vehicle. “It’s a win-win for all concerned. Electricity is produced domestically. It’s cheaper than fossil fuels, and you can fill up overnight when the rates are the lowest,” says Micah Barton of McKinney Vision. Not only does the EV make sense from a budget standpoint for many people, but it will help reduce the amount of smog — a fog or haze often seen over cities, resulting from pollutants like exhaust from cars — in the atmosphere, making cities across the nation healthier and cleaner.

For the City of McKinney, purchasing EVs and making charging stations available around the city was an easy choice, according to Julie Smith, manager of the Office of Environmental Stewardship for the City of McKinney. “Any kind of energy consumption used in city operations becomes critical, both to the bottom line and to providing that example of sustainability.”

McKinney is certainly providing a good example for its residents by promoting EVs in its own fleet. Several cities within the DFW metroplex are beginning to adopt EV charging stations in their parking lots, and you can go online to find a list of EV charging stations near you.

Have you seen any charging stations where you live, and do you use them?