Three Powerful Reasons to Invest in Your Community – and the Easy Road to Doing It

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With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s a perfect time to get your business involved in your community. We can think of three simple and powerful reasons for starting or renewing a community engagement program:

  1. Business growth – Healthy communities create demand for products and services. Contributing to your community can benefit your bottom line.
  2. Culture – Great people like to be part of the communities around them and enjoy giving back. For millennials, this is a critical part of being engaged in the work they do.
  3. Brand recognition – Investments that benefit our communities can inspire customer loyalty. Not to mention, it puts you and your people out in the community and creates awareness around your business.

Getting engaged with your community can be easy.

  1. Recruit employee volunteers to find, vet and coordinate volunteer opportunities. Buy-in and value increase when employees have a voice.
  2. Seek out opportunities that fit your customer base or your customers’ customers so they benefit from your efforts.
  3. Connect with the United Way or another organization that can help vet and organize opportunities.

By making smart community investments, you can potentially grow your business. We’re proud partners with the United Way and would encourage you to connect and get involved.