Tool: Measuring Appliance Electricity Usage

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Last week, I was looking for electricity consumption levels of a product I was going to buy and came across this site that I thought was quite handy.

The data visualization site was put together by the folks at General Electric where they’ve identified how much electricity various household appliances consume in terms of watts, dollars and gallons of gas. It also helps you visualize how much one kilowatt hour really is by telling you how long you could operate each appliance on one kilowatt hour.

For instance, did you know that your hair dryer uses over 1,500 watts of electrcity and your blender could make 400 margaritas on one single kilowatt hour?

Plus, if you click on the little green star icon that appears next to some of the appliances, you can even see your payback time if you replaced your old model with an ENERGY STAR® model.

Here’s what the tool looks like:

Check out the tool now on General Electric’s Web site.

Have you found any good online tools to measure electricity usage? Share them here.

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