TXU Energy & 6 Stones Mission Network – A Partnership Benefitting the H.E.B. Community

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For nearly three years, we have partnered with 6 Stones Mission Network to benefit the Hurst, Euless and Bedford (H.E.B.) communities.

“In this economy, there are obviously many growing issues to address, but in the H.E.B. community it seems as if [extreme financial hardship] appeared overnight,” said Scott Sheppard, executive director of 6 Stones. Sheppard said the biggest problem H.E.B. faced was the lack of community awareness and education to deal with these new sets of challenges. TXU Energy and 6 Stones decided to join together to help educate the community on the support resources available and work together to find solutions.

Our two organizations have partnered to help bridge the gap for families struggling with electricity bills by donating educational and practical items to help with energy efficiency and providing tools to help cut energy costs for years to come. Throughout the year, TXU Energy is also there to support families with simple needs such as food, gifts during the holiday season and other social services.

“TXU Energy gave us tremendous support and leadership, but the credibility that they bring to the process and finding solutions is huge,” Sheppard said. “It’s empowering for an organization like ours… it says a lot to the community about [companies like TXU Energy] ‘getting in the game’ and reassures the local stakeholders and the community that together, we can get through this.”

One of our most successful endeavors together is 6 Stones’ Community Powered Revitalization (CPR) program. CPR is a partnership of 6 Stones, the cities of Hurst, Euless and Bedford, various businesses, and nonprofit organizations and churches working together to strengthen, grow and revitalize the community one house and one family at a time.

Through CPR we are able to help homeowners save money and maintain and improve homes for those who are struggling to keep up. This not only helps the homeowner, but it helps preserve the community and property values—that helps everyone!

Since our partnership began, the CPR program has allowed TXU Energy, 6 Stones and other volunteers in the community to help over 140 homeowners with everything from minor repairs and clean-up to major renovations. All while improving the quality of life for the homeowner, the family and our community.

“TXU Energy has been a huge supporter and catalyst of this program. We now have other communities wanting to duplicate the program,” Sheppard said. “We have created something that will impact the entire state, not just H.E.B.”

As the saying goes, “success breeds success,” and our partnership with 6 Stones does just that. Together we’re able to accelerate the process of creating and implementing solutions and providing the resources necessary to meet the needs of the community.

“Because of TXU Energy we have been able to share ideas, learn best practices and receive valuable coaching, advice and assistance from other successful agencies all over the state,” Sheppard said. “Their partnership opens the doors for us to dream and explore new opportunities that we couldn’t achieve on our own. That’s priceless.”

To learn more about 6 Stones and to see how you can get involved visit their Web site.