TXU Energy Launches a New Plan Aimed at Making Electricity Work “Smarter” for Customers

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If you’re interested in finding new ways to save money on your electricity bill or want to take advantage of the new “smart meters” that are being installed all across Texas, we’ve created an electricity plan that might be perfect for you. 

TXU Energy PowerSmart PM 24SM is a plan where your price is based on the time of day you use electricity. This plan is available to customers with AMS-enabled meters (“smart meters”), and with it, you can save big on your monthly electricity bill by making a few simple changes to your electricity usage habits.

In Texas, wholesale power costs more during the day due to higher demand driven by, among other things, appliances and electric heater use in the winter and air conditioners in the summer. TXU Energy PowerSmart PM 24SM helps you manage this by lowering the price you pay for electricity during the non-peak hours of mornings, evenings and nights.  Customers can see substantial savings on their electricity bill by shifting some of their electricity-intensive activities to these cheaper pricing periods, which apply for over 90% of all the hours in a year. In fact, TXU Energy has cut the energy charge for the night hour rate to just 6.8¢ per kilowatt-hour (in Oncor territories), which applies from 10pm-6am, all year long. *

Here are a few examples of successful strategies to save on this plan:

  • If you’re not around the house during the peak weekday hours of 1pm to 6pm in the summer, turn off all lights, appliances and any unnecessary cooling and heating activities.
  • If you’re around the house during peak hours, you can stay cool or warm by pre-cooling or pre-heating the house during the cheaper off-peak hours and turning the thermostat up/down until the evening.
  • Change your routines a bit and do electricity-intensive chores during the morning, evening or at night (laundry, dishwashing, etc.) and charge all cell phones and appliances at night.
  • If you own an electric vehicle, this plan can help you save even more money by enabling you to charge your car at the deep nighttime discount rate.

*Based on an average monthly usage of 2,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh), the total average price is 10.1¢ per kWh.

TXU Energy PowerSmart PM 24SM is an indexed plan with a 24-month minimum term.  For more details (including peak hour, off-peak hour and night hour rates for TXU Energy PowerSmart PM 24SM in your area), view our plans on txu.com.