Using electric heaters to help you save money

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During the cold months, your heating and ventilation (HVAC) system can account for nearly 30 percent of your energy bill.  And if you’re not ready to keep your home or office at arctic temperatures, that can mean big strains on your monthly budget. Using an electric heater can help you save up to 10 percent on your electricity bill – without sacrificing comfort.

Electric heaters come in all shapes and sizes.  They can help you save money on your electricity bill when used properly in conjunction with winter energy conservation and insulating tips.

Here are some tips to maximize your savings from electric heaters:

  • Choose the right type of electric heater for your needs – they can be heat pump, radiative, ceramic or even panel based.
  • Purchase an appropriate sized heater for the room you’re heating.
  • Only turn on the heater when you’re in the room, or turn them on in the rooms you occupy the most.
  • With electric heat to compensate, lower the overall temperature of your home or business. Set your thermostat to 68⁰F for optimal conservation.
  • You’re constantly losing heat through drafts around your windows, doors and even electrical outlets. It’s important to properly insulate these areas to retain the heat from your electric heater.

Lastly, don’t forget to read the manufacturers’ labels for proper use and safety precautions. Check out our Brighten® Online Energy Store for an energy-efficient electric heater.



Something else that sets the Logan apart from other heaters is that its heat exchanger combines with the humidity in the room so you get a soft, moist, safe heat without reducing the oxygen or humidity levels. Heat Storm goes one step further by enclosing their heating elements inside quartz tubes.