Want Electricity Savings? Get Up To $50 in Free Electricity Monthly

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Nearly everyone faces seasons during which their electricity usage increases and their monthly bill goes up. For many Texans, we naturally assume that season is summer, when air conditioners work hard to keep up with Texas heat. But if your home has electric heat (or you have gas heating but the furnace blower runs consistently), winter electricity bills can also be high. Unexpected high electricity bills are never pleasant. So here at TXU Energy, we’d like to offer Texans a helping hand during high bill seasons.

With TXU Energy Monthly Saver, get a break during peak season by earning up to a $50 Monthly Savings bill credit on your home electricity bill for every month your usage reaches or exceeds 1,200 kilowatt hours. That’s like getting $50 in free electricity a month! The credit is available every month as long as you’re on the plan, and is credited automatically when your usage hits the target level. Think of it as instant protection against high usage demands during certain times of the year.

Don’t use that much electricity a month? You can earn a $25 Monthly Savings credit when your usage hits or exceeds 800 kWh in a month.

Want more savings on your monthly electricity bill? TXU Energy offers a variety of electricity plans designed to fit your specific needs and help you maximize savings. Visit our website or call us at 1-855-750-0899 and we can help you find the plan that’s right for you.