What to do when power outages hit

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During the summer when storms are common, many Texans may experience power outages. Strong winds can cause power lines to swing together which may trigger an outage, not to mention the possibility that lightening could hit a transformer and result in serious damage. Regardless of the cause, outages are an unfortunate reality no matter who your electricity provider is. Knowing who to contact in the event of a power outage will help get your power on as quickly as possible.

Reporting a power outage

You may have heard the acronym ‘TDU’ when talking about power companies; it stands for Transmission and Distribution Utility, and every household is served by one. Something many people don’t know, however, is that your TDU is not the same as your retail electricity provider (REP). While TXU Energy may be your REP, the power that we sell is supplied through the wires that are maintained by TDUs like Oncor, CenterPoint or Texas-New Mexico Power.

TDUs manage not only the physical poles and wires, but also the repairs during power outages. So, when your power goes out, report the outage directly to your TDU to make them aware of the situation. They’ll be able to begin assessing the problem and working on returning power to you.

TDUs vary by regions, so if you want to know which TDU is responsible for your home or business, check out the list below or look on your bill.

Dallas/Ft. Worth and Surrounding Areas
Oncor Electric Delivery (888) 313-4747
Lewisville and North Texas
Texas-New Mexico Power Company (TNMP) (888) 866-7456
Houston and Surrounding Areas
CenterPoint Energy (713) 207-2222 or (800) 332-7143
Texas-New Mexico Power Company (888) 866-7456
South Texas
AEP Texas Central Company (866) 223-8508
West Texas
AEP Texas North Company (866) 223-8508
Oncor Electric Delivery (888) 313-4747

Outage status updates

Another way to get information about power outages is to visit the TDU online. Many TDUs have updates on their websites about reported power outages, including how many people were affected and when they expect to have the problem fixed. Oncor and CenterPoint Energy even have maps with icons representing the number of people in the area affected by the outage.

Oncor Electric Delivery – http://stormcenter.oncor.com/default.html

CenterPoint Energy – http://gis.centerpointenergy.com/outagetracker/index.html

Texas-New Mexico Power Company – http://twitter.com/#!/tnmp

AEP Texas Company – https://www.aeptexas.com/outages/

Make sure you’re prepared in the event of a power outage by knowing who to contact, where to get information, and what to do to ensure your home’s and family’s safety. For more information about safety during outages, be sure to look at http://www.txu.com/outage.