Why a Smart Meter Can be a Smart Investment

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Looking to cut back on spending is something that all consumers want to do when it comes to their electricity bills, but unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. By the time you get your bill, you’ve already used the electricity which means it’s too late for a “do-over” to meet your budget or create a little more savings in a given month.

Having a smart meter installed by your Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) provider has many benefits when it comes to helping you cut costs.

What is a smart meter?
A smart meter is a state-of-the-art meter that monitors electricity usage in homes or businesses by utilizing near-real time data.

How does having a smart meter help me?

The smart meter gives you cost-saving advantages that haven’t previously been possible:

  • Automatic collection of energy data via your smart meter reduces misreads made on older analog meters.
  • Remote access to your electricity usage makes online daily monitoring tools possible and guesstimating electricity bills a thing of the past.
  • Wider eligibility for special plans and offers like pay-as-you-go plans or  TXU Energy PowerSmart PM 24SMwhere you can have a lower rate for using electricity during non-peak hours.

Smarter reporting

In the heat of the summer or during an unseasonably cold winter, you may be prone to use more electricity than you would anticipate. As your Texas electricity provider, we can provide you with detailed online reports from your smart meter. The TXU Energy MyEnergy DashboardSM shows you how much electricity you use, when you use it most, and how weather affects the usage in your home. Once you know where and when you’re consuming electricity, you’ll be able to more easily control your daily and monthly costs.

Other benefits of using smart meters
Besides reducing the consumption of electricity in your home or business, there’s another environmental benefit to consider. You’re also helping to reduce utility vehicles on the road by eliminating the need for technicians travelling to your home to manually read your electricity meter. This means an overall reduction of pollution, traffic and fuel consumption. Also, with automatic reporting, your TDU provider can detect power outages in near-real time, and in turn get repair crews out to the affected areas more quickly.

Are you taking advantage of your smart meter? How do you use the data available from your smart meter?