Your Smartphone and TXU Energy: When We Say We’re Always On, We Mean It.

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We’re very serious about innovation here at TXU Energy. In fact, the launch of our new Android app marks the third time we’ve developed a free tool for our customers to connect with their electricity accounts, support their energy efficiency goals and, potentially, access their thermostats.

We know that smartphone apps have been around for years, and you’re probably already using them to connect with everything from your bank to your airline to your favorite pizza place. But, as a recent blog post from Fast Company pointed out, a free app to connect you with your electricity provider is pretty rare — especially when it has been designed to help you save electricity and money on your electricity bills.

Our smartphone-based solutions are great examples of how we’re striving to make it easy and convenient to do business with us, and we’re glad to see our customers making good use of them:  Since we launched our iPhone app and mobile website last summer, we have engaged thousands of our customers through a million wireless transactions, more than 800,000 account logins and more than 60,000 downloads from the App StoreSM.

At TXU Energy, we’re working to stay connected with our customers using the Web-based and wireless devices they already use day-to-day. And, offering dedicated apps for iPhone and Android users makes sense given the popularity of both types of devices: More than 82 percent of all smartphones shipped globally run on either Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS operating systems, and this market share for both is up more than 200 percent, year over year.

But the driving force behind our app development is something that means much more to us than market share: our customers. We started developing the new Android app based on customer demand, and that’s one of the best reasons I can think of to develop a new product or service. So, whether you use an iPhone, an Android-based phone or any other type of wireless device, we offer you a direct line to use whenever you have a wireless signal or an Internet connection.

When we say we’re always on for you, we really mean it.