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Welcome to your summer savings destination. In Texas, most of our summer electricity use goes toward cooling. The hotter it gets, the more A/Cs have to work – especially when we’re at or near triple digit temps. Thankfully, these tips and tools will help keep your home the picture of savings all season long.


Count Your Settings

Each degree you raise your thermostat can help you save, especially when you aren't home. Raising it 4° can use up to 20% less energy, or try 2° for up to 10% less energy.*

Mobile App

Summer Snapshot

Our app makes it easy to keep track of your usage and how weather can affect it, set helpful alerts, view your predicted bill, and more.

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Balanced Budget

Budget alerts are helpful texts or emails that can help you keep your usage and savings on track before your next bill arrives. Set them up.


Big Picture

It may be obvious that your A/C is a big energy user during the summer, but did you know that your water heater could be too? Check out our appliance guide to learn how other household appliances are affecting your usage and how to save.


Home Sweet Home

New habits at home can help you save all season long.

  • Turn your blinds upward to reduce incoming heat.
  • Run your fans counter-clockwise when you're in the room to pull heat up and keep you cool.
  • Change your air filters regularly, especially if you have pets. 
  • Run larger appliances in the morning or after sunset. 
  • Use a grill, slow cooker or pressure cooker instead of the oven. 

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*Based on TXU Energy 2021 customer data.